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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 22, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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another side show in the east bay leaving some residents fuming. why a woman is speaking out after a crash she blames on fleeing side show drivers. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and hello everyone i'm heather holmes. we begin in the east bay and oakland. a woman says she was caught in the middle of that illegal side show, ken. >> and as participants and spectators scattered her vehicle was damaged in a crash. this happened this morning in oakland. christien kafton sat down with that woman who says she filed a
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report with police. in videos of today's early side show, you can see the car spinning almost out of control, what you don't see is the chaos that happened. >> everybody started scattering, they were going from both sides trying to get away from police. >> reporter: dawn says she stumbled upon the side show. she used her cell phone to video tape for about 15 minutes. as she was leaving, a car hit her while it was speeding away. the man driving the other car acted like the collision was her fault. >> so when he jumped out of the car he came at me like in a threatening manner.
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i thought he was going to do something to me. and i ducked. i don't know. but he eventually jumped in his car and he sped off. >> reporter: kelton works for the way out. a youth outreach group and had to ask a friend for a lift. her car still sits in the intersection where it was hit, she says it's undrivable. she says something has to be done to reign in these side shows. >> people are getting hurt at these side shows. they have to do something different. >> reporter: police showed up to take a report and even helped her move her car to the side of the road. since there was no arrest or major crimes associate with the side show there's very little documentation. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco, authorities there have not released the name of a man shot
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by police. police were responding to a complaint. today that park was full of dog walkers and joggers who said they were surprised by the violence. >> at this time of day. i do see people gathering, drinking, they've seen rowdy at times but i've never seen it to that point where they get into a fist fight or showing a gun or anything like that. >> the department says it will hold a neighborhood meeting next week to answer questions about what happened. that shooting sparked a protest that ended at the hall of justice last night. this photo on twitter showed police there. protesters vandalized several police cars with graffiti. the department of motor
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vehicle is investigating a security breach that could put thousands of people at risk. officials at the dmv issued a statement late this afternoon saying while there's no evidence of a direct breach of the agency's computer system, they're looking into a possible breach of computer vendors that processes the credit card transactions as well as credit cards themselves. this new issue involves online payments. those transactions occurred between august 2nd of this year and august -- january second of this year. san francisco square is where people around the world come to spend money. word of yet another data breach
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wasn't surprising here but it did raise concerns. >> it doesn't seem like it's being protected very much. especially the dmv. that's the government. you would think there's more safeguards on that. definitely makes me worry. i haven't used my credit card on that site but i do use it online all the time. >> reporter: people seem to understand that this is now a part of modern life. >> i have a bunch of purchases so i had to cancel credit cards. >> there was target stores massive data breaches including target, michael's, and the dmv. >> i think there's a low level of anxiety for americans. >> reporter: kit yaro confirmed that attitudes about data security aren't changing. >> i think we have two groups of people. we have a whole group of people that are just putting their head in the hand. they're saying it's happening, there's nothing i can do about it whatever. and i'll deal with it after it happens and there's another group of people who are saying,
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i'm going to use cash more often. i'm going to be much more careful. >> reporter: a survey conducted last month showing 22% of consumers say they will be switching from credit cards to cash more often. >> instead of using credit card at the b.a.r.t. system i decided i'm using cash. it makes you think that instead of using cards i'll be using crash a little bit more. that's what i've been doing. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on how to keep your credit card information safe. city bank says never give your account number over the phone unless you made that call. prevent changes to charge slips by crossing off those blank statements such as when you tip. carry only one or two credit cards and get a card with extra security features such as a photo i.d. a bomb square in san francisco this evening brought
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out a large response. at 6:00 p.m. someone spotted a device at golden gate avenue and polk street. bomb squad along with police rushed to the scene but the package turned out to be a harmless package. the scene was cleared out at 6:30. in oakland, a community effort to help clean up a neighborhood. >> good job, good job. >> members of the longshoremen's union joined other volunteers to trim trees, pick up garbage and clean up graffiti. monalini started the program to tackle what she calls persistent vandalism. >> their desire to see a clean, safe oakland. today's clean up was close
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of the my beautiful -- my oakland is beautiful campaign. other clean ups are scheduled for next weekend. week three of the search for the malaysian flight 270. and today satellite of what appears to be a large object floating in the indian ocean. the grainy picture was taken seven days ago. the same area that australian satellite captured a similar imagine. there's little hope to offer the families of those missing and waiting for some definitive word. >> reporter: a man told malaysian authority you can't go, you can't leave here without taking questions from the family. they're distressful, furious.
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caught between hope and fear. not knowing. >> we hope and pray the search will be resolved. >> reporter: the newly released chinese satellite imagine brought new direction to the australian led search. >> it is a very remote area. but we intend to continue the search until we're absolutely satisfied that further searching. >> reporter: skepticism that satellite imagine suggests the object is 7 feet by 2 feet. >> it's too big to show a part of the plane. there's no part of the airplane that's that wide. >> reporter: with sophisticated technology turning up nothing the search is largely relying on human eyes. >> it's more likely that a pair of eyes are going to identify something floating in the ocean than much of the technical
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equipment that's on board the aircraft. >> reporter: buoys will help mark which way the air is blowing. but in a place where the wave reach 16 feet the task is daunting. now a cyclone is approaching. the american crew of this p3 o' ryan searched for hours. and going home with nothing is stressful. >> it's pretty stressful. we're all hoping for something. a deadly mud slide kills three people in the state of washington. we will go live to that scene next with the very latest on the search for survivors. hundreds of people line up for a chance to play dress up. the rare sale that takes you back in time to the 18th
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century. and getting a break, the move made this week that might allow tesla to sell its vehicles online in a state where it's currently banned.
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we're following developing news out of washington where three people have been killed in a mud slide. the situation is so difficult that a team of rescuers had to be rescued themselves when they found themselves trapped in the
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mud. >> that happened in the very small town of oso. that town sits 50 miles north of seattle in a heavily wooded area. we have team coverage on this deadly mud slide starting with chris lag era. >> he's live in arlington, washington where a command posthas been set up, chris. >> reporter: three people killed, at least eight people arrested after this mud slide that occurred at 10:35. now the concern is flooding, a build up of water below the earth and dam. people are taking the advice of emergency the personnel. people are leaving, farmers are taking their livestock with them. 120 head of cattle were quickly hauled out of jim anderson's farm. jim was afraid that his farm will soon be under water. >> there's something coming and it's going to be pretty good
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size. >> reporter: what he and others in the valley are up against is a massive mud slide that came down on the river and the highway east of arlington. right in front of paulo carlos car. >> i just saw the darkness. like somebody wants to grab you. and everything was gone. like three seconds. >> reporter: vehicles in front of him were buried. >> and we heard a woman and a baby screaming. >> reporter: a state trooper and bystanders scrambled to pull survivors from debris. tons of mud and trees swept away houses. >> i had five of six houses that don't even look like building material. it's just total destruction. the search and rescue operation has been going on for hours, survivors are driven out in ambulances and air lifted to hospitals. the continuing threat is the mud still blocking the river. the water level behind it is rising and there are fear that is the new earth and dam will break. >> not knowing when this wall of water is going to come down
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river. the best thing to do is take your family out of the area. >> reporter: the national weather service has been watching river flows tonight and now says the catastrophic flooding is unlikely and that if flooding does occur it'll be localized to that area just below the slide. reporting live from arlington, washington, chris lageros, ktvu channel 2 news. and our team coverage continues now with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> he joins us now with the flood warning that's in place for washington. >> there's been a building for the last five or six weeks in the midwest. the big story has been the rainfall so far the third wetter march on record up in seattle. you can bet up in the areas to
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the north and east they picked up a bit more rainfall. could easily be topping one foot over the last month or so. here's that flash flooding in place until 2:30 sunday. this could probably change though. it could be extended we'll have to keep an eye on that. as you heard that landslide is locking the river. that's that red line. flooding likely above the slide that is to the east of oso. but one of the concerns is that this -- at this natural dam breaks you could have flash flooding downstreams. so that's a concern for tonight and into tomorrow. but there's really no significant rain in the forecast for tonight or the rest of the week. we have some changes to talk about, possibly some rain showers in our five day. we'll have more of that coming. and just click on the images tab on our home page to see pictures of that mud slide. a 16-year-old boy is dead and 16-year-old girl critically hurt. after they were hit by a freight train on their way to a school dance.
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it happened in marysville just before saidie hawkins dance. the boy died at the scene. the girl has been hospitalled. people at a little league game being played near by said they immediately ran to try to help the victims. the decline in crime that east bay city sees two homicides in 24 hours. the first shooting happened thursday night near the corner of south fourth street and florida avenue. then yesterday a man was shot and killed near south 35th street and wall avenue. ktvu's cristina rendon spoke to the family of one of those victims about the shooter. >> reporter: the family of clarence wesley jr. tried to comfort each other on the sidewalk where the 48-year-old
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was gunned down. someone shot him several times. >> he was a solid guy. he was just going to school, working and minding his own business and doing his home work. thaƔurs -- that's all he was doing and trying to better himself in life. >> reporter: it's a similar sight across town in florida where just one day before a woman was killed on the street. >> abigail calls it a sad situation. she heard the gunshots but didn't see anything. in this case, police are looking for a burgundy colored sedan with gold rims. >> abigail say it is area is dangerous and she won't go outside at night. police understand the public's concern. just weeks ago violent crimes were reportedly down 27% compared to last year but no one could have predicted two homicides in two days. >> we're going to have crimes just like everybody else is. we do the best that we can to fight that and unfortunately these two came within a couple
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of days of each other. >> reporter: the victim's family calls it a tragedy. >> you took somebody's life for no reason. for minding their own business. turn yourself in. that's it, turn yourself in. >> reporter: police are offering a $10,000 reward for a tip that can lead to an arrest. cristina rendon, ktvu news. a man is in stable condition after he was found shot. police responded to martin luther king jr. way. you can see a number of evidence markers. a woman was found stabbed just a few blocks away about 10 minutes earlier. she is also said to be in fair condition. police are investigating to see if those two crimes are linked. tesla may be getting a break soon on one state's direct sales ban. arizona and four other states
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have banned online only sales of the luxury electric car. but this week a new bill allowing tesla sales outside a dealer network made it through an arizona senate committee. the technology journalists say it all comes down to money. >> an electric vehicle doesn't need upkeep. where as your traditional gas powered car needs oil changes, maintenance, transition -- there's a lot of loss for cars, revenue for dealerships and that's why they're calling this. veterans packed their resources to learned about opportunities as they returned home. state and veteran agencies gave out information at the veteran's hall in hayward. this is an effort by east bay state senator corbit to help
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veterans transition back to civilian life. >> we want to connect them with services so they can receive training or education, loans for housing and other services to you know make sure we take care of them. and thank them for their services that's the least we can do. >> reporter: senator corbett says alameda county has more than 600,000 veterans. all right, it is a real life get out of jail free card. the u.s. jail that police say is far too easy to break free from. why this picture taken at a zoo in the netherlands gave everyone who witnessed it goose bumps. >> we've been waiting 11 years for this day. >> same-sex marriages put on hold. the reasons couples who raced to the altars today will now have to wait to say i do.
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continuing coverage now
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from crimea. russian forces push their way into a military base there firing into the air as they ordered ukrainian soldiers to surrender. one person was injured in the operation. now in a separate incident, forces stormed another crimea base. same-sex marriages are on hold in michigan. >> we've been waiting 11 years for this. >> excited couples lined up to mary in detroit this morning. but the sixth circuit court will review the decision to ban down yesterday's marriage decision. the nod until last summer when the u.s. supreme court legalized them here. authorities in alabama found out that it's pretty easy to escape one of their jails. two inmates broke out of the
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walker county jail this week by simply picking the locks in their doors. they were caught in the prison yard. but budget problems are so bad the administration says his staff has to use anything handy to try to use the jail secure. >> my jail staff took clothes hangers and wired this together so that it would not easily be penetrated. it's certainly not repaired. it is literally wired together. >> yesterday a commission approved $60,000 to make the repairs. a zoo workers farewell to zoo animals is getting attention. he has terminal brain cancer. his wish was to go to the zoo to say goodbye. he was taken around in his hospital bed and as you can see
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a giraffe leaned down to give him a lick on the nose. the volunteer who made the visit happen says everyone got goose bumps. >> it's as though the animals sensed what was going on and wanted to give him their goodbye. >> they know, animals know. at -- how the san francisco opera helped hundreds play dress up. >> and the reason why a girl gave an officer a ticket and why the officer paid her back. >> the weather system developing offshore when rain clouds resurfaced in the five day forecast.
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hundreds of people lining
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up for a chance to play dress up to help the san francisco opera. the opera is having a special sale on some of its costumes. as katie yuccas reports there's no shortage. >> so many capes, armour. >> reporter: people lined up for a chance to purchase san francisco operas lavish costumes. >> there's 60 to 70,000 people camped out, like hobbos for the evening. >> reporter: today the line was around the block. >> i got there at 7:30 thinking i was going to be early, and i was already 230th in line. >> this is my favorite piece. >> reporter: for christopher rodosi, the ball gown adds character. >> because she died on her knees every night for 12 performances. of course it's going to be a
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hit. >> where will you wear this? >> i'm not sure yet. but, i'll find a reason. >> reporter: for 125,000 costumes at discount prices will be sold all weekend at a warehouse along indiana street. many of the ball gowns are going for $300. just look at the details, lace, hand stitching and dyed fabric. the dress actually cost $3,000 to make. worth every penny says darcy. >> they're one of a kind. some have been worn by famous people. >> reporter: she plans to leave with a bag full of garments. >> it depend on what my wallet says. >> this fits me perfectly and it was $200. >> score for him. dozensover patients received some free dental care
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today at the hud community center in san francisco. the clinic offered a wide range of services from cleanings to extractions to new crowns. it's what christian doctors and hygienists call an amen. >> we wanted to come and try to offer services to anyone who wants to come. >> that clinic continues tomorrow starting at 7:30 a.m. a man hunt in morgan hill ended peacefully this afternoon. santa clara county sheriff's office says they got a call around 7:30 this morning about a suspicious car on croy road. when deputies arrive they say the driver rammed at least three police vehicles. the driver begun to run. neighbors were told to stay indoors until that driver was
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taken into custody. next week a candlelight vigil will honor a deputy killed in the line of duty. ricky delflorentino died in a shoot out with an oregon man who was later killed by police. he was a graduate of napa high where he was a star football player and wrestler. that vigil takes place tuesday outside the fort bragg service center. the memorial is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. wednesday at fort bragg's cotton auditorium. both of those memorials are open to the public. crews will destroy the overpass on the redwood interchange. san francisco officials are proudly showing off the newly
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remodeled golf course. the project installed new greens and sand and modernized the drain there. mayor ed lee took a ceremonial swing this morning. that course near lake merced first opened back in 1925 and has hosted world tours as well as the president's cup. it's a night to carve down and show down for drivers taking part of the fifth oakland running festival. preparations were under way today. and also around lake merrit where there will be thousands of participants. ktvu is one of the event sponsors. we have more information on our website a teenager in texas turned a table on a policeman writing him a ticket. kenney james spotted tommy king
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parked at a red zone at her apartment complex. she wrote him this $10 ticket payable to the apartment manager. her ticket also noted that he was also parked on the curb and he didn't pull head in to the spot. officer king was so tickled by this, he paid up in an even better way. >> he gave me a $40 gift card to toys r' us. >> what did you think about that. >> i was excited. really excited. >> she says she's never been to toys r' us before. officer king says not to be afraid of police officers that they're just there to help. opening day a national holiday why not. how baseball fans have been squaring up to the plate. and mark tamayo is next with a temperature change you can expect tomorrow. and when you can see some rain in the five day forecast.
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take a look at this. another sunny and pleasant spring day around the bay. there was just enough of a breeze to bring out a few people out. >> it's going to look like this tomorrow too? >> a little warmer. it felt like we were transported to summer. the warm numbers inland. things will be changing over the next few days to remind us as winter as you can see on the satellite. the system developing, later in the week your five day. those clouds will be moving in and shower chances on the increase as well. as i mentioned some patchy fog making the come back right through the immediate coastline. a few patches sneaking locally into the bay.
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current temperatures updated for the 10:00 hour. san francisco checking in 50 and san jose at last check reporting 56 degrees. reporting partly cloudy skies. beautiful time lapse from this evening with the sun going down. you see some of the fog trying to redevelop in the distance. a few high clouds paying us a distance as well. so for tonight we have this partly cloudy skies. a bit of a breeze. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is our live camera looking out toward the tribune building in oakland. just a few high clouds out there. patchy fog, a little warmer across the bay area and great weather for the oakland running festival. into the afternoon hours temperatures not warming up too much. but on track to reach the upper 60s by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. next week more clouds and a chance of rain. so a big change in the water pattern developing in the five day forecast.
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early chances of rain will be in the 40s across most of the bay area. cooler spots in santa rosa, napa. and a few patches of fog as well. that will be the course of some minor warming for the second part of the weekend after some patchy morning fog that will gradually near to the coastline. here is the change developing later in the week by monday. it's going to be dry. and this is probably the warmest day of the week. tuesday and wednesday a sharp temperature drop and wet weather pattern developing. rain showers developing here in the bay area and also snow up in the sierra. they could have a snow advisory or winter storm watch kick in for that time frame. here's our forecast model showing us some of the fog tomorrow morning. at 7:00 and then partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. monday looks just great. so here we are monday at 3:00. a little warmer. then look what happens into
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tuesday. that first wave of showers moving in. there's everyone a chance of isolated storms. just partly cloudy skies, fairly quiet out there for tomorrow patchy fog to start out right around the coast and right around the bay toward santa rosa. napa and san helena. 69 and lower 70s out toward pleasanton, livermore. gilroy at 74. san francisco 65 degrees. and right through the immediate coastline. not warming up too much first we get some lower 60s. here is a look ahead. patchy morning fog. monday the warmest day of the week. that means the warmest location inland. there we go as we change it by tuesday. the chance of rain showers. rain showers by wednesday. even a chance of a lingering rainfall or two. all is very interesting, one day it can be totally sunny and warm or everyone a few hours later there could be a thunderstorms. be watching out for those
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changes. >> a big temperature change. we're going to note it. >> down 10 to 20 degrees. we're going to notice that. biologists say river otters are making a home at lake tahoe. the forest service says the otters have been spotted in south lake tahoe among other areas for the first time in decades. otters have also been returning to the bay area. for america's national past time may soon be getting -- to make opening day a federal holiday. hall of famer ozzie smith launched that effort at white so now it's up to the president to make that happen. opening day is march 31st. a state holiday that honors cesar chavez. >> it already is a holiday. and we go through the run
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down of today's game and big third round upset. the warriors battle the best team in the nba, the san antonio spurs. sports wrap with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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good evening everyone, welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. for the second straight time in oakland the spurs rested two of their key players tonight it was duncan and janobli. andrew bogut turns it over and
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it's mills to greene. warriors got back in it with a 17-6 run to close off the first half. the spurs led by three at halftime. warriors took the lead in the third quarter. but the spurs don't make mistakes. and they close strong. tony parker to the hoop. he led san antonio with 20. the spurs go on to win 99-90. the warriors still in the number six spot in the west. still leading seventh place dallas by that same margin. the stanford players will have an early wake up call tomorrow in st. louis for their second round ncaa game. the cardinals and jay hawks tip off at 9:15. regional today,